About Us

Simply, we are a family, a group of great minds who’s want to change the world.
Almost everyone has a voice, can create, invent or enhance the way how we live because the great minds of the world need a hub to complement each other and create world-changing technology. We are a distributed community mainly working on Discord, we are programmers, engineers, data scientists and we love to contribute. We have contributed to many open-source projects also investigating a new world inside the metaverse. Everyone should be able to get utility from our expertise as a customer, and everyone should be able to join the community as a member or freelancer or even a new member who wants to change the world.

What is Natluk?

NatLuk is Decentralized community of technology, started in 2020 due to covid. In our center of interest you can find things like Digital Transformation, Data Science, Automation and solve complex problems with digital tools like software engineering with Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. 


In our group we have wide selection of professionals around the globe working for best companies in the world like Google, Intel, PwC, Accenture, Santander, Caterpillar, Comarch as well we have some represents that are working for Polish Space Agency! We have many PhD professionals as well as many students.


Already more than 30 data-science and machine-learning specialists are willing to help you in the journey of gathering knowledge and professional insight into the world of data. In NatLuk discord channels, you can find various resources, answers to already asked questions. You can ask anybody for help with your problem. If you want, you can participate in webinars and code live with others – both mentors and ordinary members.


We focus on topics such as Python, Data science, Digital Transformation, Web Development Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency investment and technology. You will also find many other topics which may be of interest to you